Over 200 Killed in Bombing of North Nigeria Mosque

Boko Haram Seen Likely Culprit of Massive Kano Attack

Locals are still assessing the damage from a massive multiple bombing attack against a mosque in the northern Nigeria city of Kano today, but over 200 people are believed to be dead in the incident, with scores of others wounded.

Several bomb blasts tore through the mosque, and gunfire was also reported, with many casualties in the courtyard, where locals were gathered for prayers.

The mosque is next to the palace of the Kano Emir, an outspoken critic of Boko Haram, and though they haven’t confirmed responsibility it is widely assumed Boko Haram was behind the strike.

Attacks across northern Nigeria are increasingly common, though today’s was one of the largest by far, and only adds to the sense that the Nigerian government doesn’t have the situation handled.

Protests broke out in Kano after today’s attack, both complaining about the bombing and about the police, who they say are simply lax with security for allowing such major, multi-attacker incidents to keep happening.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.