ISIS Seizes Another Key Syrian Gas Field

Posts Photos of Seized Field, Seized Syrian Vehicles

After pushing back into the Sha’ar Gas Field late last week, ISIS seems to be continuing their offensive in the Homs Province, now taking the nearby Jahar field.

ISIS posted photos showing their flag flying over the Jahar field today online, and also posted photos they claimed were Syrian vehicles and weaponry seized during the battle to take the site.

Casualties were not reported so far, but ISIS’ statement claimed they’d not only taken the gas field, but the village of Jahar as well, and had taken two tanks among the vehicles.

The gas fields in Homs are one of the last major energy resources that the Syrian government still had, and their loss would further weaken the economy of the Assad government’s territory, while further expanding the already oil-rich ISIS control over regional energy reserves.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of