Russia Threatens Retaliation in Growing Trade War With US, EU

US Demands Russia Create a 'Buffer' Between Itself and Ukraine

The Obama Administration and the European Union both followed through on threatened sanctions against Russia today, nominally over the Ukraine war, but brought into effect in spite of a Russia-brokered ceasefire continuing to hold there.

Russian officials accused the US of threatening the ceasefire with its rhetoric, and also threatened to launch retaliatory sanctions against US and European countries in a growing trade war.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said it had not wanted to launch the new sanctions, but that the “confrontational” attitude of the US had forced its hand, and that “retaliatory measures will not keep you waiting.”

The Obama Administration is demanding that Russia forcibly disarm the ethnic Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine, unilaterally withdraw from the Crimean Peninsula, and also create a “buffer zone” out of its own territory along the border with Ukraine.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of