Iran Completes Major Provision of Nuclear Deal

Converts Last of 20 Percent Uranium Stockpile

Today marks the official end of the six-month initial period for the interim nuclear pact with Iran, which has been extended by four months. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announced today that Iran has eliminated the last of its stockpile of 20% enriched uranium, completing a major provision of the deal.

When the deal was initially announced in November, Iran had around 200 kg of 20% enriched uranium fuel, which officials were couching as a proliferation threat if Iran theoretically enriched it further. Instead, Iran has converted the vast majority into fuel rods for its Tehran Research Reactor (TRR), with what was left over diluted down to lower levels for energy generation. The TRR is used for the production of medical isotopes, and Iran created the 20 percent uranium to produce fuel for it after failing to reach a deal to buy the rods overseas.

That means Iran’s stockpile, to the extent it exists at all anymore, is only 3.5% enriched uranium. Even this stockpile is decreasing in recent months as it is used in Iran’s civilian nuclear program.

The IAEA also issued a statement confirming Iran’s continued compliance with all details of the P5+1 interim deal, as they have every time in their monthly updates since the deal went into effect.

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