532 Palestinians, 27 Israelis Killed in Escalating Gaza War

532 Palestinians, 27 Israelis Killed in Escalating Gaza War | 80% of Palestinian dead are civilians

The latest Israeli war in the Gaza Strip continues to escalate today, with 13 Israeli soldiers killed in Sunday’s fighting in the strip, and seven more killed overnight and into Monday.

The death toll on the Palestinian side is still soaring, with around 100 killed today, bringing the overall toll to 532 dead, and well over 2,000 wounded. The Red Cross is working to broker a ceasefire to allow the dead and wounded to be taken out of the battlefield.

The toll on the Palestinian side is overwhelming civilian in nature, with an estimated 80 percent of the slain civilians. Of the 532, over 100 were children. By contrast, the dead on the Israeli side are almost exclusively soldiers, with 25 troops killed and 2 civilians since the war began.

The latest reports out of Gaza say Israeli forces are firing flechette shells now, which explode and spray out thousands of tiny darts to increase the number of casualties. The shells were fired near Khan Younis.

The war continues to escalate, and there seems to be little sign of that stopping, with Israel having no real exit strategy or even endgame envisioned for the conflict, being the vague hope of returning to “calm.”

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Author: Jason Ditz

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  • Sasha

    18 down only 5,999,982 to go!

    • Infidel

      You are an imbecile. Go put on your vest and join ISIS.

    • Peace activist

      What a sick sick comment.

  • Anton Kruger

    The usual Palestinian-to-Israeli death toll ratio during these conflicts is about 100 to one, so we can expect at least another 1,300 Gazans to be murdered by the bloodthirsty IDF. Most of those deaths will be civilian women and children, of course.

  • Israel cannot exist

    People should go to Gaza, like in Spannish civil war, and wiped off the invaders and baby killers.
    Israel cannot exist. Israel must be kicked out of the UN. Palestine is for the Palestinians and indigenous Hebrews not Colonists from central Asia and Western countries.

  • Anti_Govt_Rebel

    The Israelis are driven by pure hate, and Washington supports this, as do most politicians, including Randy.

  • ghouri

    In every war children and women are the main victim.

  • Rightster

    It's not a war, it's a massacre.

  • patriothere

    The whole world is watching these terrorists commit genocide against the people of gaza. This is genocide!

    • Guest

      It is not.

      Israel is protecting Her borders, which She has every right to do.

      Obama ought try that here.