Deal Unlikely as Iran Talks Deadline Approaches

Iran Reducing Demands, But US Won't Compromise

The “last round” of P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran got underway today in Vienna, with little hope of reaching a final nuclear settlement before the July 20 “deadline.”

The deadline isn’t written in stone, but is rather when the six-month interim deal expires. There have been growing indications of an extension of the interim deal, rather than simply letting it collapse outright.

Today’s reports suggest Iran is willing to compromise on the major issue, that of how large a civilian enrichment program they will be allowed to have, and are backing off demands to dramatically grow it.

The US, by contrast, seems completely unwilling to compromise at this point, and is insisting that not only must Iran eschew any future enrichment growth, but also eliminate almost all of its current capacity.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of