Congress Hawks Slam Nigeria Talks, Some Urge US Military Action

Sen. McCain: Attack Even if Nigeria Says No

Attention paid to the Nigerian schoolgirls’ kidnapping has brought growing calls from the usual suspects in the US House and Senate for US military intervention, with the possibility of US Special Forces being center on a rescue mission.

They’re also clear about one thing: no negotiations. Rep. Peter King (R – NY) insisted the Obama Administration should rule out any negotiations with Boko Haram, and Sen. Chris Coons (D – DE) warned Nigeria against entering into any talks either.

Sen. Coons argued the Boko Haram problem was worse because of previous attempts to negotiate with other factions in the Niger Delta region, though the two situations are entirely distinct.

Sen. John McCain (R – AZ), never one to let a chance for a war go by without throwing his own two cents in, said the US should immediately send Special Forces troops into northern Nigeria to try a rescue operation.

With Boko Haram proposing a prisoner swap yesterday, Nigeria has prevoiusly indicated negotiations are at least possible, which is likely driving McCain’s call for quick military action, before they lose their chance and the situation gets resolved without bloodshed. McCain said he wants the US troops immediately deployed even if Nigeria’s government explicitly opposes the idea.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of