At Least 46 Killed as Violence Erupts in Ukraine’s Odessa

31 Killed When Protesters Set Fire to Union Hall

As Ukraine continues its military operations in the eastern portion of the country, protests erupted in the southwestern port city of Odessa, with pro-regime and pro-Russia demonstrators clashing with one another.

Police reported at least eight killed directly in the fighting in the streets, and as the protesters fought some of the pro-Kiev protesters set fire to a union hall nearby, killing 38 others. Scores of others were wounded, and reports suggest many others are still trapped in the building.

The situation in Odessa started with a football rally, with fans of a team backed by the Right Sector marching in the streets. When news hit of the Slovyansk invasion, protesters supportive of the rallies in the east took to the streets, and the two crowds met and fought. Right Sector supporters reportedly also attacked a stationary protest camp set up to express support for the easterners.

Though some protests in support of the easterners have happened in Odessa and other western cities, this is the first time major violence has erupted outside of the protest region around Donetsk.

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