US Threatens New Russia Sanctions Over Continued Ukraine Protests

Putin Spokesman: Stop Treating Russia Like a Guilty Schoolboy

The Obama Administration is accusing Russia of violating the terms of yesterday’s Geneva deal because protesters have not unilaterally surrendered in eastern Ukraine, and are threatening new rounds of sanctions to “punish” Russia over it.

Russian officials termed the threats unacceptable, saying they are “unlikely to help the dialogue” and that the US needs to stop treating Russia like a guilty schoolboy who has forgotten his homework.

The Geneva deal seems to have had no impact on anything in Ukraine, as the protesters pointed out they are no party to it, and the government says it won’t stop their military offensive.

The US insists Russia has de facto control over the protesters, though Russia maintains it has only limited influence over them, and has suggested the US and other Western nations use more of influence on the Ukraine interim government to calm the situation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of