Syrian Town Turns on al-Qaeda, Killing 50

Locals Sick of Nusra Kidnappings

Reports coming out of Hama, a central Syrian Province, reveal a shocking turn of events, as locals in the town of Taibet al-Emam, sick of living under the rule of al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front, attacked the Islamist rebels.

The locals were said to have gotten fed up with the kidnappings and burglaries by Nusra fighters, and took up arms against them, killing at least 50 and chasing them from the town.

Taibet al-Emam has been under the control of various rebel factions since December of 2012, when the Free Syrian Army moved into the town. In recent months, as with the rest of Syria, it has fallen under harsher Islamist factions’ control.

The rebel factions have so far not commented on the situation, but their ability to control territory on the frontier with the Assad government could be seriously compromised if the locals start turning against them in this manner.

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