Netanyahu Threatens ‘Unilateral’ Moves Against Palestinians

Continuing on with his claims that the impending collapse of the peace talks are 100% the fault of the Palestinians, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is vowing “unilateral moves” to punish them.

Netanyahu’s weekly cabinet meeting centered around insisting his government had been totally willing to make peace, but that the Palestinians had spoiled everything, going on to talk up his imminent “retaliation.”

Netanyahu gave no indication what all he intends to do to the Palestinians, but his government was quick to crack down on a telecommunications program for the Gaza Strip, revoking permission for the creation of a cell phone network there.

The rest of the Israeli cabinet was much more direct about not having wanted the peace deal anyhow, with Naftali Bennett insisting peace had never been possible in the first place, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman insisting he opposed any return to the talks, and believes early elections would be preferable to peace.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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