Russian FM: Ukraine Can’t Function as a Unified State

Urges Ukraine Constitutional Overhaul

From its initial secession from the Soviet Union through today, Ukraine has been starkly divided philosophically along several fronts. From the pro-Russia east to the nationalist factions around Kiev to the pro-EU blocs around Lviv, that division is as dramatic today as ever.

Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, suggested today that the divisions are so dramatic that Ukraine will never be able to function as a “unified” state as presently constructed, and needs to look at a looser federal model.

It’s certainly a problem that’s recurred in Ukrainian politics throughout the years, but whichever side is in power insists this time will be different, and is unlikely to be willing to give up more autonomy to the provinces.

Russian officials are pushing pretty hard to a constitutional overhaul in Ukraine, but tellingly weren’t so vocal about it until the ouster of the pro-Russian government. Any momentum among Western nations for reform, similarly, went out the window the moment violent protests put a pro-Western interim government in power in Kiev.

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