US, Russia Trade Sanctions Over Crimea

US Targets 'Wealthy Russians' in Latest Round

The US-Russia sanctions war is picking up pace today, with the Obama Administration announcing its “second round” of sanctions against Russia, targeting “wealthy Russians” and their assets in the US. Russia responded just minutes later with sanctions of their own, including a travel ban on several Obama aides and hawkish Senators.

The US officials hit with sanctions today responded with mocking comments echoing similar statements from Russian MPs hit by the US Monday, insisting the travel bans and asset seizures wouldn’t effect them at all to begin with.

President Obama suggested the third round of sanctions would target Russia’s primary exports of oil and gas and “could disrupt the global economy.” He added that he believes it is necessary because of his objections to the annexation of Crimea.

Ukraine, for its part, insists it is going to avoid any trade or sanctions war with Russia if at all possible, and said it is going to rely on the WTO to resolve any disputes that may arise.

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