Congressional Hawks: Obama Needs to Get Tough With Abbas

Abbas: Israel Recognition Settled Long Ago

With Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas visiting the White House today, Congressional hawks were quick to condemn Obama for not being much more hostile toward him, and for not issuing myriad demands upon his arrival.

The big issue, for the Congressmen, was Abbas not recognizing Israel as a “Jewish state,” with Rep. Doug Collins (R – GA) saying that anyone who sets foot in the White House should be expected to make such a declaration of recognition.

Several went on to suggest that Israel’s willingness to give lip-service to Palestinian autonomy of some form while the Palestinians weren’t willing to immediately give in to all Palestinian demands proved a “double standard” in the negotiations.

Abbas addressed the issue again with the press today, saying he and predecessors had repeatedly recognized Israel in general for decades. His government is reluctant to give in on the “Jewish state” issue, however, because of the implication to Israel’s Arab minority.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of