Iraq Officials Give Conflicting Reports on Iran Arms Deal

Defense Ministry Denies Deal, But Parliament Confirms It

Yesterday’s revelation of a $195 million arms deal between Iraq and Iran fueled considerable backlash from US officials, with the State Department claiming that buying weapons from Iran violates the arms embargo against the nation.

It’s a little late for Iraqi officials to try to get out in front of the news, but the Defense Ministry is loudly denying the reports, insisting the $195 million deal was offered by Iran, and rejected out of hand by the Iraqi military.

But it’s not Iraqi politics if officials aren’t telling two completely different stories. Hasan Suneid, an MP from the Dawa Party and head of the Iraqi defense committee confirmed the deal, saying it was perfectly legal.

“The US government is not the Iraqi government’s guardian,” Suneid said, adding that purchases of light arms from friendly nations were not something the US should concern itself with.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of