Women in East Syria Forced to Wear Veils as Islamist Rebels Spread

Deir Ezzor Rebels Vow to 'Prevent Vice'

Salafist rebels imposing harsh interpretations of Sharia law on the locals is old news in northern Syria, where al-Qaeda factions rule large portions of the region. Their sway is growing elsewhere in the nation, however.

Now, a faction calling itself the Islamic Law Council of Deir Ezzor has issued a new statement demanding all women in their territory wear face veils at all times in public, threatening “punishment” to those who resist after Saturday.

The Islamic Law Council is a faction within the Islamic Front, the so-called moderate Islamist rebels. The group’s statement also claimed “sins are the main reason delaying victory” and promised to “prevent vice.”

Across much of rebel-held Syria, women are facing increasing severe restrictions on going out in public. This is a major change from the secular society Syria has been for decades .

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.