Militias in Libyan Capital Demand Parliament Resign

Parliament's Term Ended on February 7

The Qaaqaa and Sawaaq militias have taken to the streets of Tripoli in force today, demanding the Libyan parliament immediately resign pending new elections.

The militias have been threatening to intervene for a week now, in what Prime Minister Ali Zeidan has spun as an “attempted coup,” though the militias insist they simply want the courts to oversee the vote.

Parliament’s term in office technically ended on February 7, but instead of dissolving they simply voted to extend their term indefinitely while they work out details of a future election.

That’s sparked protests, and the militias appear to be backing the protesters on this, saying they view parliament’s extension of its term as illegitimate. There is concern that Misrata’s powerful militia, which back the Islamist parliament factions, may move on Tripoli to try to keep them in office and fight off the rival militias.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of