Citing Hitler and Iran, Cantor Presses for More Interventionism

Insists Iran's Program One of the Most 'Destabilizing Moments in History'

Israel’s government has been debating whether or not they should mix Hitler and politics, but in the US it’s clearly still fair game, as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R – VA) gave a speech about the Holocaust and it quickly became a call for aggressive American interventionism the world over.

“Standing there as the frigid wind swept through the eerily quiet ruins of the camp, I could not help but regret that American action in World War II came too late,” Cantor said of his recent trip to Auschwitz.The lesson, he insisted, was for America to act quickly and aggressively.

Which then immediately became all about Iran, as things tend to. Cantor declared Iran’s nuclear program one of the “more destabilizing moments in world history” and urged the US to take a much more aggressive stance, pushing new sanctions and eschewing talks in favor of stopping the “evil and hateful” Iranians.

Cantor declared that the talks with Iran had “badly eroded international pressure” and that the US needed to increase the isolation of Iran as a matter of course.

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