US Angry as Afghans Prepare to Release ‘Dangerous’ Detainees

NATO Says Releases Are Planned for Thursday

NATO has issued a statement today announcing the Afghan government’s intention to release 65 detainees from Bagram prison, saying the release will be on Thursday at some point.

NATO’s statement echoed that of the Pentagon, claiming the 65 were all “dangerous” fighters who were directly involved in killing NATO soldiers or Afghan civilians.

The Pentagon has been issuing pretty much daily condemnations of the planned releases, saying they have provided “extensive information” to the Afghan Review Board, and they were never supposed to release anyone under a secret deal with the US.

The review board said that during the course of reviews they couldn’t find any solid evidence against any of the 65, and the reports suggest that what the Pentagon gave them was just a press-release style reiteration of their claims that the 65 are all guilty.

The Obama Administration long resisted returning control of the prison over to the Afghan government specifically because the Karzai government refused to promise that everyone would remain detained forever. The Afghan court system insisted it should be able to review cases of anyone detained in an Afghan prison, and with a paucity of evidence, those courts have ordered the men released.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of