Iran FM: Determined to Make Long-Term Nuclear Deal

Says Talks Are An Historical Crossroads

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif termed the situation related to the nuclear deal an “historical crossroads,” saying his country is ready and determined to make a permanent nuclear deal.

Negotiations on a nuclear pact are expected later this month, and will take place throughout the six month interim agreement, which began just over a week ago.

US officials have repeatedly downplayed the chances of a deal, and threatened war if Iran doesn’t make the deal that they don’t expect. Zarif was more upbeat about the chances, saying his country has the diplomatic good-will to make a deal now.

At the same time, Zarif warned that it would be a “disaster” if the two sides didn’t come to some sort of agreement, saying it was unfathomable to ditch the talks so soon after they’ve begun.

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