Syria Deal Will Allow Women, Children Out of Rebel-Held Homs

Talks Continue on Aid Convoy for Sieged City

It’s being described as a “breakthrough,” as officials have announced a deal at the Syrian talks to allow women and children out of the rebel-held center of the city of Homs, with government officials saying they will “allow them every access” to leaving the area safely.

The deal fell short of an initial proposal which would’ve also allowed aid convoys into the area, though talks are continuing and that deal appears to still be on the table.

The big question on Homs is whether the rebel fighters who hold the area will actually let the civilian population leave, as the talks only involved the government and the Syrian National Coalition (SNC), an opposition faction with little to no influence on the rebel troops on the ground.

The central city of Homs was one of the first to fall into dispute between rebels and military forces, and has been under siege longer than most. Though a lot of civilians fled a long time ago, those who believed either side’s prediction of imminent victory stayed, and have found themselves trapped in the midst of some of the worst fighting in the war.

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