White House ‘Uneasy’ About Israeli Lobby’s Efforts in Congress

Obama, Kerry 'Disappointed' as Lobby Pushes Iran Sanctions

An unnamed official in the Obama Administration has termed the White House “uneasy” with the growing criticism they face from US Jewish groups and Israeli lobbying factions, saying they believe the moves are being spearheaded by the Israeli government itself.

A particular sore spot is the intense and continued lobbying for Iran sanctions by Lobby powerhouses like AIPAC, aimed at sabotaging the interim nuclear deal with Iran.

The usual Senate hawks were quick to sign on to the Iran sanctions bill, but it has lost momentum as the Iran deal has gone into effect. The lobbying effort hasn’t stopped however, and has in many ways picked up, hoping to secure the number needed to override a promised Obama veto.

AIPAC shrugged off the concern, saying their “top priority” remains building support for the sanctions, and that they consider Congressional positions on Israel and Iran proof they are doing a “terrific job” lobbying.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.