Palestinians Won’t Accept Israeli Occupation of Jordan Border

Retired Palestinian General Wasef Eriqat has reiterated PA policy that they will not accept a permanent Israeli occupation of the Jordan Valley, the land which would be the border between Palestine and Jordan, as a condition for peace.

Eriqat insisted there was no military need for Israel to hold the border because Israel’s putative security threats center around missiles launched from afar, not militants sneaking in from Jordan, an Israeli ally.

Israeli analysts have concurred with that assessment repeatedly, seeing the push to keep the Jordan Valley as part out-dated policy and part effort to sabotage the talks.

Israeli Lobby the Zionist Organization of America disagrees, insisting the Jordan Valley is “critically important” as a “natural tank trap” to keep tanks from rolling in from abroad through Palestine to destroy Israel. Exactly whose tanks these would even theoretically be goes unstated, but seems if nothing else to underscore the 1967 mentality prevalent in Israel’s strategic thinking.

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