Syrian Refugee Killed in Cross-Border Air Strike Against Lebanon

Rocket Hit Carload of Syrians Crossing Border, Wounding Several

One Syrian woman is dead and a number of other refugees are badly wounded tonight after their attempt to flee into neighboring Lebanon was cut short by a missile strike from a Syrian warplane.

The missile hit a carload of refugees in the hills near the Lebanese border town of Arsal, wounding 10 people. The woman, who was among the wounded, later died at a Lebanese hospital.

It is the second time this week that Syrian aircraft have fired on targets inside Lebanon. The previous occasion saw Lebanese anti-air defense systems fire on helicopters that crossed the border. Now return fire was reported this time.

The hills around Arsal are a popular crossing point for Syrians, both refugees and rebels, and the Syrian military has on occasion pursued rebels across the border. Though the Syrian government has yet to address today’s incident, it appears they are less able to tell the difference between rebels and civilian refugees than they were previously.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of