US Getting Dragged Into South Sudan Civil War

Rebels Blamed for Shooting US Warplanes

US warplanes were sent to South Sudan to evacuate American citizens caught up in a failed coup and growing civil war in the nation, and came under fire, injuring four. The rebels were immediately blamed.

President Obama reported the deployment of 46 troops to the nation for evacuations, and said he reserves the right to take “further action” using US military assets in the nation.

Officially independent since mid-2011, South Sudan has had plenty of violence since, and major oil fields which have attracted foreign investment. Unfortunately, as the situation destabilizes yet again, there are calls for the US to intervene to protect those investments.

The growing conflict in South Sudan is split along ethnic lines, with the country’s Dinka president accusing a former Vice President and ethnic Nuer of orchestrating the violence. A military commander reportedly loyal to the vice president has declared himself a military governor of one of the most oil rich states.

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