Rep. Hunter Calls for US to Nuke Iran

Hawkish Rep: Can't Trust Lying Middle Easterners

During a whirlwind C-SPAN interview, key House Armed Services Committee member Rep. Duncan Hunter (R – CA) went on a protracted diatribe about how you can’t trust Middle Easterners because they all lie – and that wasn’t even the most controversial part.

That’s because Rep. Hunter then went on to a condemnation of the Iran nuclear deal, which was why he’s insisting you can’t trust Middle Easterners, by saying that the US should use multiple nuclear weapons in an attack on Iran.

Hunter elaborated on the comments, saying that the US shouldn’t use any “boots on the ground” and would instead rely on a “massive aerial bombing campaign,” including tactical nuclear arms.

Hunter’s statement was immediately condemned by several groups, including the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), who urged Americans to ignore his “reckless and immoral war rhetoric.” The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation was also critical, cautioning that a US nuclear first-strike would not only oblige Iran and other nations to make a mad dash for nuclear arms to deter future attacks, but would ruin US credibility across the planet.

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