Kerry: Iran Deal Will Benefit Israel

Insists Talks Are 'No Threat' to Israel

As tensions continue to grow between the Obama Administration and Israel’s Netanyahu government over Iran, Secretary of State John Kerry rejected the Israeli complaints insisting that nothing in the US-backed deal was a threat to Israel.

That’s the most specific US officials have been in rejecting Israeli complaints, with previous comments centering on the idea that Israel didn’t have a good view of what the closed-door talks were yielding. Israel has insisted it has secured secret information on the talks, and opposes the deal.

Kerry went on to say that while Netanyahu was free to express his “concerns” he was flat out wrong in his claims about the pact, and insisted that the deal would benefit everyone, including Israel.

The Obama Administration is reportedly increasingly annoyed by Israel’s public lobbying of the US Congress against their diplomatic efforts, believing it amounts to inappropriate “meddling” in internal US politics. That annoyance seems to be leading to more willingness to publicly disagree with the Israeli prime minister, something that in years past would’ve been unthinkable for a top US official.

As the Iran talks resume later this week, expect Israel to ratchet up its condemnations once again, but don’t be surprised if the State Department responds specifically to their criticisms.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of