US Considering Letting Iran Keep Its Civilian Uranium Enrichment

Concession Would Further Enrage Israel About Peace Talks

According to the Wall Street Journal, President Obama is considering a major concession in the ongoing P5+1 talks with Iran, admitting that Iran has the right to civilian enrichment of uranium in its own territory.

Which, of course, Iran has every right to under their IAEA safeguards agreement. Yet the US has regularly demanded Iran scrap the enrichment program, and that demand has been the centerpiece of US threats against Iran for years now.

Iran’s latest offer, the full details of which have not been made public, reportedly offers to pare back the scope of the enrichment program and grant additional inspections above and beyond the safeguards mandate, but they have insisted that the basic right to the program must remain.

The other five members of the P5+1 are already there by all indications, and the Iranian offer seems to be a major chance at a deal, assuming the US can be brought on board.

If they are, expect Israel to be even more outraged than they usually are about the Iranian peace talks, because Israeli officials have demanded that not only Iran be made to close the entire program, but also surrender its existing, low-enriched uranium to the international community.

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