Netanyahu: Iranian President Just Like All the Rest

Threatens Attack, Claims Iran Is on Par With '50 North Koreas'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his address today to the UN General Assembly, and in keeping with the tone of every speech he has given over the past several years, it was all about Iran.

Netanyahu argued that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, a reformist elected on a platform of diplomacy, is untrustworthy by virtue of being an Iranian official, insisting that presidents have “come and gone” and that they’re all the same.

Netanyahu went on to threaten to attack Iran unilaterally, insisting they are “anti-semites” that must be defeated, and saying they are a threat comparable to “50 North Koreas,” the east Asian nation apparently serving as a standard unit of measure for threats in Israel.

Netanyahu’s speech echoed almost verbatim his daily anti-Iran speeches since President Rouhani’s call for diplomacy and mutual respect at the General Assembly last week, insisting the comments were all a trick and that they need to be met with even more hostility.

Before the speech, Netanyahu expressed gratitude for the US Senate remaining so firmly against diplomacy, meeting with top senators who have promised to push a new round of sanctions and threats against Iran in the coming days.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of