Obama, Kerry Reiterate Threats of Attacking Iran

Obama, Kerry Reiterate Threats of Attacking Iran | Downplay prospects of diplomacy

Dragged kicking and screaming into a diplomatic deal with Syria, the Obama Administration is loudly insisting that the fact that reason prevailed in that nation is no reason to expect the same in Syria.

President Obama insisted in an interview with ABC that Iran’s civilian nuclear program is a “far larger issue” than Syria’s chemical weapons, arguing that the completely civilian program is a greater threat to Israel and therefore important to the US.

Obama went on to say that Iran should take no comfort in the Syrian deal, sticking with the idea that the Russia-brokered deal was only possible because the US keep threatening to attack.

Secretary of State John Kerry is in Jerusalem, and trying to reassure Israel of this policy, forwarding the notion that after being forced back from an unreasonable war in Syria, the unreasonable war in Iran is still on the table.

During the meeting with Kerry, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised the idea of stripping Syria of chemical weapons, saying it makes the region safer. But shortly before meeting Kerry, Netanyahu was criticizing the pact specifically because it made threatening Iran seem less credible.

A lot of Israeli officials feel that way, and some have even pushed the idea that diplomacy with Syria “proves” the need for Israel to unilaterally attack Iran just to prevent another deal.

The administration’s narrative of being capable of recklessly starting ill-conceived wars seems in no small measure aimed at “reassuring” Israeli hawks and keeping them off the warpath, and that so many US hawks (and Obama himself) presented attacking Syria as a chance to really stick it to Iran has inexorably linked the two in many minds.

The simple reality, however, is that Obama didn’t voluntarily back away from the Syria War – he spent weeks trying to sell it and failed. That might be the real, far-reaching consequence of Syria, the reassertion of the American public’s ability to stop wars, and that clearly can have an impact on Iran.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • Jack London.

    There is nothing that could change the mind of an falsified democracy but a falsified rhetoric. USG was invited to start the war with Iran when Bush regime was in charge, Obama and Kerry are welcome to start another war in Middle East, that is to say if they dare. Stop your falsified democracy and start looking at time and dates, the year 2013, people are looking for a functioning democracy to live their life with prospers thoughts and happiness, and you are still talking about wars, what a shame.

  • Claus-Erik Hamle

    The 16 US Intelligence Agencies still say that if Iran ever worked on nuclear weapons, that work stopped completely in 2003. The rest is (Israeli) Propaganda.

  • Anti_Govt_Rebel

    What, oh what, is it going to take to get these guys to shut their fricking mouths? Maybe an aide or one of the servants could slip ground-up sleeping pills into their morning orange juice.

  • F-Bomb

    I can't believe the anti-Iran rhetoric continues. I know they want to get their hands on those natural gas fields, but they should come up with a different excuse than nukes. If they really cared about nuclear devastation, they would have an organized team of scientists and engineers working night and day on the Fukoshima disaster which is an impending global threat.

    • El Tonno

      How is Fukushima a "global threat"? It's not even a Japanese threat, panicky shitty reporting by sundry "reporters" over the silly season notwithstanding.

  • zapatatio

    Maybe imperialist amerika should just declare war on the entire Planet ! Its what the fascist amerikan empire is doing without the "official" declaration.

  • jtt

    Kerry dragged his whimpering ass back to Israel to report back to the apartheid goon Netanyahu on how they failed to sell the Syrian war to the American people, I wonder what kind of punishment Bibi as in store for him?

  • byrd_bahls22

    If the US rogues had no enemies, they would be very lost. "Whatever shall we do ? Take care of the planet ?" (Howls of laughter)

  • ML3

    If only a nuclear armed Iran were a reality – then we can shut these parasites and warmongers up and watch the Exodus out of Israel once and for all.
    And also, what do these Israeli lackeys think will be accomplished with no US boots on the ground in a place like Iran? A N*zi Blitzkrieg type of decimation, killing untold numbers of innocent people? Real humanitarian like, not at all barbaric – and a well deserved Peace Prize at that.

  • rosemerry

    Never do we hear mention of removing the chemical/biological/nuclear weapons that Israel stocks. Iran refused to use any CW in the war against Iraq ,which used them, got them from the USA.(now this is exposed clearly from archives under Reagan, now declassified). Iran is still being accused by Netanyahu, of all people, of threatening others. The USA has not destroyed its stockpile of CW, promised by 2007, still not done.

  • Ball

    Can someone please enlighten me how someone like NuttyYahoo can get to his perennial position of power in a tinderbox like Israel? What the hell is going on in that country? Are they so afraid of arabs that they just elect whoever promises to kill as many of them as possible?

  • If people would just reject the dollar now, cancel their MSM related subscriptions (TV, MAGAZINES,NEWSPAPERS) and grow their own food we could destroy this whole "empire". If you can go without shopping at the big box stores that would help too.

  • James

    I live for peace~also know as cooperation, harmony, prosperity, and abundance. First and foremost, people need to live with conviction surrounding these qualities and others like it!