Serious Doubts Over Administration’s Syria ‘Proof’

Russian Findings Add to Doubts About US Syria Allegations

While the Obama Administration continues to present its collection of circumstantial evidence as incontrovertible “proof” of the Assad government’s guilt in the Jobra Incident, experts continue to say that the case if very weak, particularly in the absence of UN data.

The UN report could be weeks away, and the administration has been condemning it as “too late,” mostly because they want to start the war quickly and not wait for pesky “proof” that might disprove their allegations and ruin their war plans.

The “too late” claim has been repudiated by UN officials, who noted that Jobra is rare in how quick the UN was able to reach the site of the putative attack. Experts say evidence could be collected on real chemical weapons attacks years after the strike, and they got in just days later.

Russian officials have added to the doubt about the US narrative, noting that their findings from a previous attack the US blamed on Assad did not match the chemicals Syria’s military is known to have, and that the munitions were the unguided type used by a rebel faction.

Even nations like Germany that are publicly endorsing the US story concede there’s no real proof to back it up, and suggested that the actual story could be much different.

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