Little Global Support for US Attack on Syria

France May Be Only US Partner in Conflict

When the Obama Administration first started talking up attacking Syria last weekend, the conflict was being sold as a broad-based international action with a large number of supporters, and potentially even a NATO endorsement.

That’s not happening, however. The UN and the Arab League have both come out against the war, Britain’s parliament has forced their government out of the war, and NATO says they’re not even considering involvement.

Instead of an international coalition of the willing, it is increasingly shaping up to be a Franco-American attack on Syria, with overwhelming international opposition.

There are a handful of regional countries that are nominally supportive of the idea of the war, but none of them intend to get involved. Other than France the only country that has even suggested involvement is Denmark, and their tiny military hasn’t been asked in the first place.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of