Israel Wants More US Aid, Citing US Sales to Arab Nations

Yet More Funds Needed to Ensure Military Superiority

Just last week, Israeli officials said that they “understand” the growing budget problems the US is facing and were comfortable with being part of the military aid cuts from sequestration.

Yet now, Israeli officials have shifted that position and are not only opposing the cuts but are demanding a significant increase in US military aid, insisting the nation has “growing security requirements.”

The Israeli officials are arguing that because of growing US arms exports to Arab nations, they need even more luxurious US gifts themselves, saying it’s essential to maintain overwhelming military superiority over anyone across the region.

The US has been making a big deal of selling advanced warplanes to Saudi Arabia and the rest of the GCC, and even though those nations aren’t remotely hostile to Israel, officials seem contented that they can still use it as an excuse to strap another load onto the American gravy train.

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