Israel’s Livni Predicts ‘Dramatic Decisions’ as Peace Talks Continue

Palestinian Official Confirms Secret Meeting in Jerusalem

Israel’s chief negotiator Attorney General Tzipi Livni says that her nation is preparing to make “dramatic decisions” that will allow the current peace talks to end with a final peace settlement with the Palestinians.

The details of the peace talks so far have been kept far away from the public, reportedly the result of Secretary of State John Kerry demanding that both Israel and the Palestinian Authority keep the contents of their discussions out of the media.

Indeed, the latest round of talks were so secret that we didn’t even know about them until after the fact, when a top Palestinian official confirmed that the talks had happened earlier in the day.

Livni confirmed that the conversations so far had included argument, but that “we are arguing inside the room,” and would not discuss the differences in public. Officials say more talks are planned, but again didn’t indicate when.

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