US Joint Chiefs Chair: Military Options Against Iran ‘Better’ Than a Year Ago

'We've Continued to Train and Plan'

Buried in a totally unrelated New York Times article about Jordan seeking more US aid for the Syrian border, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chief Gen. Martin Dempsey threw in comments on the prospect of the US invading Iran.

Discussing his recent meeting with Israeli leaders, Dempsey declared that the sanctions were “having an effect” on Iran, but that Israel wants the US to keep emphasizing the prospect of military action.

Of that, Dempsey insisted that “we have better military options than we did a year ago,” ominously adding that “we’ve continued to train and plan” for the invasion, threatened off and on by US and Israeli forces for 30 solid years.

Dempsey also suggested Israel’s goals in Syria were centered on Iran and the concern of Syria remaining an Iranian ally. This has been confirmed recently in comments by Israeli officials, but underscores a split in agendas, as some US officials have confirmed that a prevailing view in America’s own intelligence community is that regime change is the real threat, replacing Assad with an al-Qaeda dominated rebel government.

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