Syrian Rebels Say They Don’t Expect US to Deliver Promised Arms

See US Goal of Keeping the War Going

Syrian rebels are constantly shifting around their statements on US weapons, insisting at times that the arms will be decisive, that they will be “too late,” and now claiming that they have “given up” on ever getting the arms.

The Obama Administration made it sound like the arms influx was imminent, and the Syrian rebels seemed to envision being awash in arms within a matter of days. As the process slows amid Congressional opposition, the rebels are lashing out.

Now they say they doubt the arms will ever be delivered, and are accusing Israel of being behind the delay, on the grounds that Israel is averse to the nation falling into the hands of al-Qaeda-linked militants.

Of course a lot of people are worried about that, but the rebels also see not getting the arms as proof the US wants to keep the war going. Interestingly, many analysts saw the arms announcement in the first place aimed at that, discouraging rebels from joining peace talks and trying to keep the rebels, who have been losing territory, from being overrun.

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