Kerry: ‘People May Die’ Because of Snowden

Kerry: Snowden case has 'nothing to do with illegality'

Speaking to CNN today, Secretary of State John Kerry demanded Russia and other nations support “the rule of law” and capture Edward Snowden for him, saying that it was vital to national security to see him jailed.

“What we have hear is a situation that has nothing to do with hacking. Nothing to do with illegality,” insisted Kerry, an odd admission if his continues to hope to plea for the “rule of law” in regards to Snowden’s capture.

Rather, Kerry insists that Snowden had “threatened his country” and that “people may die” because he informed the public about mass surveillance by the NSA because “terrorists may now know how to protect themselves in some way or another.”

Kerry naturally had no specifics, in keeping with the similarly false claims that Pfc. Bradley Manning had “blood on his hands” for revealing US war crimes. The claims are farfetched, but serve as talking points in the absence of real substance.

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