Syria’s Rebels Brag About New Weapons, But Not From US

FSA Says Anti-Aircraft Weapons Already Acquired

It’s a bad day to be a civilian airliner in Syria, as the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA), which has long threatened to attack civilian aircraft in Syrian airspace, reports that it has acquired anti-aircraft weapons.

That’s just part of it, as the FSA has also acquired a lot of other “new weapons” which it says will be enough to impose significant changes in the ongoing Syrian Civil War.

The weapons apparently did not come from the United States, which has promised to start arming the FSA and other rebel factions but hasn’t gotten around to it yet. The FSA would only say they came from “brotherly nations that support the Syrian revolution.”

Which probably means the GCC nations, led by Saudi Arabia, who have been the most proactive in sending arms to the rebels for quite some time. The US has been facilitating such arms shipments for a long time, but it is apparently only recently that they are including more advanced weaponry, an attempt to prop up the stagnated rebellion.

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