In Drills, US and Jordan Prepare to Attack Syria

'Eager Lion' Drills Seem a Little Too Eager

Our first taste of the ongoing military drill involving the US and Jordan came with the Pentagon sending a Patriot missile battery which may serve as the basis for a no-fly zone in the region.

Today the Associated Press is reporting that the drill is focused on ground operations, involving commandos from Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon practicing offensive operations, while trainees portraying Syrian refugees vowed to “free Syria.”

Jordanian army leadership insists the drill, officially dubbed “Eager Lion,” is entirely about bolstering defensive capabilities, and say that the offensive aspects are “routine.”

The timing of the operations, as well as revelations that the recent announcements on intervening in Syria was actually the result of a decision made weeks ago, ahead of the operation.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of