Reports: Israel Behind Attack on Damascus Airport, Killing 10

Mazza Stirke Initially Termed a Car Bombing

Initially reported as a “car bomb” against a checkpoint near the Damascus military airport at al-Mazza, Syrian media outlets are now saying the massive explosion was the result of an Israeli air strike.

There’s been no official confirmation, though indeed there still hasn’t been from the last two Israeli attacks on Syria. Witnesses from the upscale neighborhood that overlooks the air base reported that they believed the incident was clearly a missile strike.

The Israeli military has refused comment on the incident, though that’s not uncommon either. The statement noted that a rebel faction claimed the strike, though myriad rebels claim credit for incidents they didn’t actually do.

10 soldiers were reported killed in the Mazza strike, and other reports estimated 20 casualties overall, though final figures may not be known for some time. If confirmed it would be the third Israeli attack on Syria in recent months.

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