Obama Shakeup Puts Syria Action on Front Burner

Obama Shakeup Puts Syria Action on Front Burner | Rice and Power both outspoken supporters of intervention

The ouster of Tom Donilon from the position of National Security Adviser (NSA) in favor of Susan Rice portends a much more hawkish voice in the powerful advisory position, and introduces another hawk, Samantha Power, to a position of influence.

The NSA position, under Obama, has been arguably more important than the Secretary of State position, and Rice’s move into it makes her the nation’s top foreign policy planner, and one with a keen eye on military intervention in Syria.

Donilon, by contrast, was focused on the “Asian pivot” and getting the US relatively less militarily involved globally, while staying out of the policy limelight. Rice, by contrast, is likely to be more public and more bellicose on her belief in the US military as a global force for change.

Taking Rice’s place at the UN is Samantha Power, a long-time adviser for Obama who is seen as having driven US involvement in the attack on Libya and the NATO-imposed regime change, arguing that the US had a “moral obligation” to do so. She is seen to be bringing that same position to the Syria situation, again on “humanitarian” grounds.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • survivor

    Great. Two belligerent extremists now in positions of major influence. Obama should now make McCain defense secretary. These two women were greatly responsible for the tens of thousands of deaths in Libya. So much for their humanitarian stupidity.

  • mojo

    If the interventionism was not the USA politics USA wouldn't be. A militarism regime. B USA wouldn't be the one acting on supremacy on everything and C people wouldn't call USA imperialist or imperialism.

    That's what USA is and has been for last 60 years.., to change that you need a new political party.., that its social politics is based on a social functioning democracy, that its social economic need to be based on social economic justice, that its social justice systems needs to protect people from vulture capitalism and its political mechanism like the Democratic Party or fir that master John McCain politics.

  • Mark Thomason

    There is more than Syria going on.

    What does Rice think about Netanyahu's "economic peace" in lieu of two viable states, now being pushed by Kerry and Blair?

    What does Rice think about North Korea?

    What does Rice think about a US attack on Iran, or the alternative of finally making some offer and actually trying diplomacy despite Netanyahu?

    What does Rice think about China, or Putin, or the EU economic crisis?

    • mogamboguru

      I can tell you: Nothing.

  • ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

    It's time to put down the mad Empire. Obviously, Americans are incapable of doing it for themselves, so the non-American and non-enslaved world has to do it.

    • Carpenter

      Very few countries are not allied with the globalist-Zionist cabal.

  • mogamboguru

    Like what was to be expected. Warmongers galore.

    Rice was a menace to peace at the UN, and she will continue to be one as security advisor.

    Over the years, I have noticed over and over and again Obama's dismal to disgusting choice of aides and personel.

    And neither Rice nor Power are an exception to this rule.

  • Geraldo Kaprosy

    It has been reported that Power is a Zionist Jew and that Rice is a psychopath. Check it out, if you dare.

  • Richard Steven Hack

    I'm wasting my time talking. No one gets it. Absolutely no one.

    Obama is fully on board with attacking Syria – and Iran eventually. All this talk about his being "reluctant" only refers to his "reluctance" to be BLAMED for it.

    He's posting these people to publicly buttress his eventual decision to attack Syria, nothing more or less. He can blame these flunkies just as he blamed "the generals" for the failed "surge" in Afghanistan.

    Meanwhile he will keep doing what the Crown and Pritzker families – heavy Israel supporters and military-industrial complex investors – tell him to do: attack Syria and Lebanon, then Iran.

    I am literally the ONLY person pointing this out anywhere. No else can see the obvious because of the usual cognitive dissonance about how corrupt the US government actually is.

    • Winston Smith


      of course he is. He just took over the Neo-cons merry little scheme.

      he will have authorised it, and it will go out under a Finding as they are known bearing his signature.

      But as a Covert Operation or Covert or Black Op as they are known.

      It is entirely a return to the classical Covert Op. with the bases in a neighbouring country and the cut-outs in the shape of Britain, Fraance, Saudi, Qatar and Turkey etc.

      So he never intended to abandon Plausible Deniability and attack openly.

      But what happens when Plan B – which is what this is – Plan A was the original Neo-Cons' plan to attack Syria through Lebanon – fails, which it has, President Assad fails to run away, the color revolution fails and the Covert Op. using foreign Jihadists fails as the Syrian public don't like them.. He will then be tempted by his two remaining personal temptors (Hillary Clinton having been exorcised) to proceed with some sort of open attack, even if that was not the original plan.

  • Winston Smith

    OMG ! OMG !

    The lunatics have been put in charge of the asylum.

    If you think you had problems with Hillary Clinton and Kerry, it's nothing on these two.

    "There's a wicked spirit watching round you still,
    and she tries to tempt you to all arm and ill".

    It is unusual for a modern ruler to have a familiar spirit. but Obama had one in Samantha Power.

    She is Mrs. Humanitarian Intervention putting forward the theory in her book that American politicians are reluctant to intervene in genocides because they gain nothing from it.

    She went to Bosnia-Hercegovina as a newly qualified reporter just past her 23 rd birthday in 1992 and built her whole career on stories of Wicked Serbs, poor little muslims, atrocities and outrages and went on to give lectures, have an academic career and write books on the strength of this.

    She played a key rle in Obama'sin the campaign in getting the US. senator seat and is married to a friend of his.

  • Winston Smith

    The only problem is the 3 genocides – Jugoslavia, Ruanda and the Sudan were American Humanitarian Intervenors ' genocides.

    Both she and Susan Rice are self-righteous, strident and enthusiastic Humanitarian Intervenors who are oblivious to the outrages committed by their clients.

  • Tim

    Hope Russia slaps Uncle Sam with a brutal beatdown. It has been coming ever since the US sponsered Al Queda elements that sent Russia packing from Afghanistan. What is coming will be unlike anything the US military has ever experienced