Islamist Rebels Release Video Showing Execution of 11 Syrian Soldiers

Second Execution Video Released by the Group in Two Days

The al-Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra rebels have released another video, the second in as many days, showing their fighters summarily executing captured Syrian soldiers.

Today’s video showed 11 soldiers, bound and blindfolded before being shot to death. The executioner in the video said the killings were ordered by “the sharia court for Deir Azzor,” though it is unclear if such a court even exists outside of the militia’s own leadership.

A video released the previous day showed the execution of three soldiers in Raqqa, with a statement read saying it was “retaliation” for claimed government massacres in Baniyas and Homs.

Nusra regularly releases videos of executions, one of several policy moves that is fueling international concern over the group’s consider influence on the rest of the Syrian rebellion.

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