Palestinian Officials Split on Arab League Proposal

Hamas: Palestinian Land Not Available for 'Swap'

Though the point is largely moot with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opposing it, the Arab League’s new “land-swap” based peace proposal looks like it is starting to fall out of favor among Palestinian officials as well.

The Palestinian Authority’s negotiator Saeb Erekat had previously said that the Arab League initiative was almost exactly in line with his own, but other PA officials are now saying it is premature to start talking about land-swaps.

Hamas is even more opposed, with leader Ismail Haniyeh saying that the pact was unacceptable on its face and that Palestinian land is not available for “swap” under any circumstances.

In the end it seems the proposal is going much the same as the Arab League’s 2002 proposal, getting a little lip-service at first but ultimately collapsing under the weight of the varied opinions on both sides and never getting much traction at all.

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