Syria Rebels Claim at Least 50 Killed in Village Raid

After Gunbattle, Rebels Claim Military Clubbed, Knifed Civilians

Syrian rebels have claimed a new “massacre” in the coastal village of Bayda with at least 50 and “as many as 100” killed in an apparent military attack on the Sunni village.

Though it doesn’t make much sense, the reports claim that the military didn’t actually use guns or artillery against the village, but rather showed up with knives and “blunt objects” and clubbed everyone to death.

Some of the other claimed massacres have also included this, though today’s death toll also includes the added ambiguity of claims of dozens “missing” after the attack.

There was reportedly fighting in the same village earlier today, with at least six soldiers reportedly killed by rebel troops before eventually being overrun. The lack of independent media in Syria makes allegations of civilian deaths virtually impossible to verify, and regularly both sides will accuse the other of wholesale slaughters.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of