Obama Admin Dismisses Call to Disclose More on Drone Law

Brags About 'Unprecedented' Disclosures Already Made

Faced with calls to reveal more information about the drone strike program, or at the very least to disclose the legal foundations for how they figure they can assassinate people worldwide, the Obama Administration has issued a virtual non-answer statement.

The new statement from the National Security Council bragged about the “unprecedented” disclosures they’ve already made, and insisted that the administration would continue with disclosures exactly as they have.

“Exactly as they have,” in this context, means refusing all comment on individual drone strikes, and never even sort of admitting to them except on those rare occasions when they’ve heard of someone they killed.

The NSC defended this, insisting that the Obama Administration has a “process in place” to ensure the killings are ethical, but this process remains more or less entirely secret, and the NSC insists that what little they’ve told to the public before is “all” they feel comfortable telling us.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.