Kerry: North Korea Must Abandon Nuclear Program for Diplomacy

North Korea Doesn't See 'Good Faith' in Offers for Dialogue

The US is willing to “engage” with North Korea in diplomacy, according to Secretary of State John Kerry, but only if they agree to dismantle their nuclear program first.

Weeks of threats and counter-threats haven’t amounted to much on the Korean Peninsula, and while Secretary Kerry insists that there “is the possibility of peace,” he made it clear that US is holding out for the concessions before it will be open to actual talks.

Which suggests that even if the current round of tensions has mostly worn itself out, that doesn’t mean talks are likely. Indeed, North Korea was quick to spurn calls for talks as a “crafty trick,” saying that they don’t believe the offers for negotiation are being made in good faith.

Kerry says that it is possible concessions less than the full scope of the demands might conceivably be enough for negotiations, but that a “grand overture” like direct talks would only be possible under certain circumstances.

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