Israel to Refuse All Official Gestures to Palestinians

Israel to Refuse All Official Gestures to Palestinians | Some sources predict secret, partial settlement freeze

Israeli officials are sending some mixed messages after Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit on whether or not they are going to make any gestures to kickstart peace talks, but it seems safe to say that anything they do will be quiet.

Publicly some officials are saying no gestures of goodwill can ever be allowed because the Palestinians are “peace refusniks” and cannot be trusted even on the surface, and that the cabinet is “unanimous” about not making any such moves.

At the same time, some sources in Jerusalem say that a partial settlement freeze, covering only those outside of the major settlement blocs, may be imposed on a basically secret basis, hoping the move can convince the Palestinians to return to the talks.

Such a partial freeze has been spurned before, since the vast majority of the settlement expansions are taking place inside the major blocs in the first place, and the temporary freeze would have little practical impact on the policy.

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  • mojo

    Making gesture they can.., mixing it is the begging of the end that Israel is not going to respect nothing or no laws nor no one when it comes t Palestinians rights.., we have said that.., the only language that Israel understand is for Israel to be in total boy cut internationally.., this agenda is on the table by many country and some in real time boy cutting Israel.., is just that USA government and some European., like that Swedish foreign double agent minister Carl Bildt, and that sarkozi of France, the english David Cameron and others making sure that Israel is getting paid while the European and American people's welfare are cut.

  • the Lion

    it should NEVER be forgottrn that it was in fact the Israelies that broke the truce before Iron Lead, just as it was the Isralies that also did it of recent times with the killings of people who were planting on Palistinian land that the Israelies said the Palestinians could farm in Gaza!

  • John Ellis

    Jews all over the world, by their superior intelligence, have ammased great amounts of wealth and no end will their be to settlement building untill the world is ready to use deadly force to stop it.


    The yanks are trying to make an ass of Abass but has as always made an ass of themselves pretending to be an honest broker so the zionist can crap all over them and their president a now broke superpower.

  • Yonatan

    Israel doesn't want peace, it wants the land free of the Palestinians.

  • jinx77

    refuseniks….my ars..steal peoples land throw them in jail en mass…and call them names….

    who would have knew the zio could be so nice….

    some of the worse humans ever are these israelis..

  • Roger Lafontaine

    They talk about a 'settlement freeze', but the real freeze is in Washington where the administration has been frozen in a state of stupor since Obama took office. When his grand words failed to fly they had nothing else to fall back on. Afraid of taking action they kept flapping their imaginary wings in the wind of politics, and of course nothing came of it. The Peace Process is cold and dead, the Middle East is hot with anger and resentment for the decades of broken promises and unabated cruelties of Israel. The 'War on Terror' continues to cover up the failures/deceptions with self-made 'emergencies' to detract the public.