Afghanistan Sees Relationship With Pakistan at ‘New Low’

Govt: Pakistan 'Preconditions' on Peace Talks Unacceptable

The relationship between Pakistan and the Karzai government seems to always be around a “new low,” ties seem to keep finding a way of getting worse, as an abortive attempt to start peace talks with the Taliban has both sides trading blame.

Afghan officials say that the situation is completely stalemated because the Pakistani government is placing its own preconditions on the peace talks, while Pakistan maintains they are committed to the process and it is Taliban distrust of Karzai that is stalling everything.

Pakistan is believed to be conditioning their help on certain considerations, centering in particular on reducing India’s military ties to Afghanistan and replacing them with their own ties.

This is at the center of Pakistan’s “Afghanistan problem” since the NATO occupation began, with the Pakistani military long centering their planning for a regional war with India on being able to fall back into allied Afghanistan. India’s cozy relationship with Karzai has left Pakistan fearing they are surrounded.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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