North Korean Leader Threatens to Attack South Korean Island

Island Officials Claim 'High Alert'

North Korean officials regularly issue bellicose, but ultimate empty, threats, but that didn’t stop Baengnyeong Island officials from announcing “high alert” in response to a threat from Kim Jong-Un to wipe the island out.

Kim was visiting border artillery forces, and claimed plans to turn the island into a “sea of flames” and to save photographs of the island engulfed in flames for the Supreme Command.

Kim Young-Gu, an official from the island, confirmed that they are “a bit scared” in response to the threat, insisting that the emergency shelters are “fully stocked” and ready to accept civilians if war breaks out.

North Korean officials have repeatedly claimed an end to the 1953 armistice that ended the fighting in the Korean War. They have made this claim over the past several years, however, and nothing ever seems to come of it, meaning it is likely little more than a way to get press releases publicized during tense periods.

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