Israeli Military Predicts Terror Attacks on Syria Border, Blames Assad

Insists Assad's Criticism of Recent Attacks Fuel 'Anti-Israel Aggression'

With Syria engaged in an ugly and ever-worsening civil war, the border with Israel and the huge Israeli-built fence several miles into internationally recognized Syrian territory, remains calm.

But just because nothing is happening doesn’t mean the military can’t scaremonger, with Israeli military officials saying that the calm is “deceptive” and that terror attacks from Syrian rebels or regime are “only a matter of time.”

The terror attacks, which again one must be reminded aren’t actually happening, are being preemptively blamed on Syrian President Bashar Assad, and his criticism of recent Israeli air strikes against his country.

The logic is that Assad’s criticism, and his accusation that Israel is backing the rebels with such attacks, is fueling “anti-Israel aggression” that will lead to attacks at some non-specified point in the future by some non-specified combatant force.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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